Chilterns Contemporary Woodland Garden

The property is enclosed by woodland on one side which formed the inspiration for the space. The design sets out a strong sense of movement, with all attention being focused on the woodland views. The clients, an architect and interior designer, have a love for concrete and bold architectural design. Feature walls set out the bones of the garden and are used to create focal points to highlight the form of multi-stemmed trees. A large cantilevered deck creates a generous entertaining space, the cantilever has a tree growing up through it and thrusts you out into the naturalistic area of the garden – allowing the clients to enjoy views of the neighbouring woodland. A vast water feature, reminiscent of a woodland stream, runs through the entire length of the garden providing drama and a calm reflective surface. A lawn, enclosed by planting, enables games of Bocce to be played – a favourite pastime of the clients. The planting on the upper level, around the house, consists of bold monoculture / simple combinations of grasses and flowering perennials. As you move through the space and down the cantilevered stairs to the lower level, you enter into another world – a naturalistic and incredibly wild planting palette drastically changes the atmosphere and signals the transition from the defined garden into the natural woodland beyond.

Under Construction