Harry Holding Garden Design

Our aftercare programme is unrivalled, offering a highly personable service we deliver the time, care and resources necessary for your garden to flourish. Gardens are living, evolving spaces and we ensure your garden grows with you, enhancing the lives of you and your family. We pride ourselves on taking an organic, sustainable approach to our work, having an impeccable eye for detail and offering a personalised service perfectly tailored to your needs. Our team of dedicated horticulturalists manage the gardens we design and extend their services to all outdoor spaces, even if not designed by us.

For all aftercare enquiries, please touch base with our Assistant Maintenance Manager, Megan, who can chat more about your needs – megan@harryholding.co.uk

If you need to get in touch with our Horticultural Director and Maintenance Manager, Matteo, please email on – matteo@harryholding.co.uk 

Matteo & Megan

Matteo, our Horticultural Director and Maintenance Manager, has a long history of managing aftercare companies and working to the highest standards the industry has to offer. There’s no horticultural question that Matteo can’t answer, he’s got an encyclopedic knowledge of plants. Megan, our Assistant Maintenance Manager, has been working in horticulture since a young age and brings a wealth of experience from every level of the industry. She’s also our go to house plant expert!

George & Ed

With over a decade of experience in horticulture under George’s belt, he’s spent much of his time managing some of the highest-end gardens in London. Whilst Ed’s background in biology brings with him a strong understanding of ecological systems and how to care for plant communities. Fully committed to maintaining exceptional gardens they bring their good-natured humour to every aspect of their work.

Jamie & Elsa

Drawing on an abundance of experience as a woodworker and ecologist, Jamie turned to horticulture, he contributes a diverse skillset to the team. Elsa is a horticulturalist through and through, with unrivalled plant knowledge and passion for her work, there’s not much she doesn’t know about gardens! Be it building a green wall or tending to a veg bed, this team’s unwavering standards for quality are always upheld.

Ryan & Lucy

Coming from Australia to work as a horticulturalist in the UK, Ryan brings with him a unique perspective and wide knowledge base on gardens and plants from around the world. Lucy turned to gardens after a career in design and brings with her a key eye for colour compositions and spatial design. Together they bring a fresh approach to a garden, ensuring it evolves in a positive direction.

Jan & Lyndon

Growing up in the Czech Republic, Jan moved to the UK and immersive himself in the world of London horticulture where his long-held passion for permaculture and forestry comes through in all of his work. Lyndon, having lived in every corner of the globe, has a wide knowledge base from vertical farming 30m underground to the intricacies of wormery composting. These two always take a fresh environmentally aware approach to their gardens.

Darren & Elina

Darren’s time living in Japan, the horticultural hub of Asia, has taught him a unique way of thinking about gardens. Whilst Elina, coming to London from Russia, has a tireless enthusiasm, tenacious motivation and thirst for knowledge. Their shared passion for wildlife-friendly gardening and infectious positivity brings a warm atmosphere to every garden.

Tristan & Charlotte

Tristan’s dedication to horticulture and delivering the highest standards is unrivalled, he’s a font of knowledge on most garden questions. Charlotte’s background in vertical farming and community veg growing has given her a strong passion to take control of our food and weave edibles into all of our gardens. Together there’s no garden they cant transform!


Coming to the UK from Italy where his family produce some of the finest wines on the market, Jacopo can turn his hand to anything. Whilst being a great gardener, he has a bounty of skills in landscaping and project management. Adaptable and dynamic, Jacopo works across the teams providing his expertise on projects and larger jobs when needed.

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